Jam Like It’s 1999 – Deep House with Deluge, Upgraded Akai VX90, Drumstation, Bass Station, TX81Z…

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Back at it after some live projects and time off from the studio.
This time using only my “studio b” rack with hardware from the 80’s and 90’s.

Started this jam while trying out the new MIDI CC control capabilities on my Akai VX90 after installing the new Tauntek firmware upgrade (www.tauntek.com/AX73.htm). The upgrade adds CC control of all parameters, essentially turning into a whole new machine! From being super tedious to program and no other control than mod/pitch wheels to live tweaking filter and envelopes, and automating parameters from the Deluge. Love it!

Also trying out the Novation Drumstation Rack that I got from a friend for the first time. Sounds surprisingly good!

— Gear used:

AKAI VX90 with Tauntek firmware upgrade
Synthstrom Deluge

EMU Proteus 2000
Novation Drum Station Rack
Novation Bass Station Rack
Yamaha TX81Z
Yamaha TG500
Digitech Studio Quad

— My music
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Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/miklo

— Connect
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