Why Must It Be – Hardware Only Deep House

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Been a while since I put up a video, but here we go!

Usually whenever I finish a track I try to record video as well, since these “jams” or performances or whatever are a part of my workflow anyway. The main reason for this is that I have a phobia for an empty DAW project. It prevented me from being productive in music for YEARS until I figured out that it was so much easier for me to make a live multitrack recording of a 10-15 min jam and then edit and mix that down to a finished track than starting from scratch in my DAW.

This one was recorded quite a while ago but I couldn’t edit it until now because of computer issues. Also had some technical issues affecting most recordings during the spring that made it too hard to make into a decent YouTube video.

Anyway, what better time to upload this than now, on the day the resulting track from this jam is released on all major platforms. If you like this, please consider giving me a follow here and on other platforms, check out www.drillville.se/miklo/why-must-it-be for streaming links etc.

Gear used: Synthstrom Deluge, Twisted Electrons Acid8 Mk2 & MegaFM, Waldorf Pulse 2 & Streichfett, MI Shruthi-1, Jomox Mbase11, Audiothingies Micromonsta, Midiplus X3 Mini, Faderfox LV2.

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