Does this 4000€ mixer from 1983 sound good? Deep house jam with Deluge and 80-90’s racks

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Picked up a 1983 Seck 1882 mk2 mixer on a whim for 50€. Didn’t know much about it but it was in pristine condition and I wanted something to route my rack gear into my audio interface without having to repatch, and with 18 channels plus another 18 switchable inline monitor inputs this fit the bill very nicely. From what little information I’ve been able to glean online this was made in 1983 by a company that was acquired by Soundcraft soon after, it cost about 1500€ new (~= 4000€ today) and the few opinions I could find online of course range from awesome to complete junk (as usual for anything not high-end really).
After putting it to some use I think it sounds quite good, the EQ is definitely usable for basic sculpting of synth sounds, especially the 45Hz low shelf works well on bass and kicks, though I wish the mid eq went a little bit lower for cutting midrange mud. Also relatively thin an compact for an 8-bus 18 channel mixer from of that era.
Plus, a nice looking console lends as certain cachet to any studio, right? Right. 😉

Also making good use of the Tauntek firmware for Akai VX90/AX73:
European seller:

— Content
00:00 Intro
03:03 Jam

— Gear used
Synthstrom Deluge (sequencing, samples: vox, breakbeat, guitar chops)
AKAI VX90 with Tauntek firmware upgrade (chords)
EMU Proteus 2000 (strings)
Novation Drum Station Rack (drums)
Novation Bass Station Rack (bass)
Yamaha TX81Z (ep)
Yamaha TG500 (organ)
Digitech Studio Quad (VX90 & TX81Z delay+reverb)
Lexicon LXP-5 (Drumstation reverb)

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