Twisted Electrons MegaFM demo & 100% MegaFM sounds Deluge looper jam

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The Twisted Electrons MegaFM is a great little FM synth with full hands-on control. Oddly, it hasn’t received a lot of hype on the net, but for me it’s a dream. Small desktop format, everything controlled on the front panel, and tons of character sound-wise. While most FM synths tend to sound rather “polite”, this one has a lot of grit and dirt from the 9-bit converters and crossover distortion created by the weird voice multiplexing going on in the YM2612 chips. Capable of sounds ranging from screaming overdrive to lush clean timbres. What’s there not to like? 🙂

In this video I’m demoing a couple of nice patches I made shortly after plugging the unit in (FM programming has never been so much fun!), followed by an improvised live jam with the Deluge looper using only sounds from the MegaFM.

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