Deep House Hardware Jam – Deluge, MegaFM, Acid 8, Pulse 2, Streichfett, Shruthi, MBase11, Proteus 2k

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New track with Synthstrom Deluge, Twisted Electrons MegaFM & Acid8 Mk2, Waldorf Pulse2 & Streichfett, MI Shruthi-1, Jomox MBase11 and E-Mu Proteus 2000 and Electrix Filter Queen.

This one started out with sound design on the MegaFM (really loving this synth so far), came up with this great guitarish sound (the 3-note arpeggio and triggered by the keyboard). Experimenting with some odd pattern lengths which gives this a very organic feel.
Also a prominent showing from another Twisted Electrons creation, the Acid8 mk2, which is an awesome machine as long as you don’t try to treat it like a 303 clone.

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