Deep House Hardware Jam – Deluge, MegaFM, TG500, Pulse 2, Shruthi-1, MBase11, Streichfett

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This one is based around the cold stab sound coming from the Waldorf Pulse2, which got it’s main character from a happy accident setting up effects in the Zoom MS70CDR (lofi delay in this case).
Also making use of the TG500 for the first time. Got it from a friend, and have kept it around for nostalgic reasons since it’s the rack version of the very first hardware synth I owned, a Yamaha SY85. This track proves though that you can still use old romplers like this for “serious” music making. The pads coming from that thing (after some minor tweaking of filter and fx) are LUSH. The harp sound in the breakdown isn’t half bad either.
Finally, added a Faderfox LV2 to the setup to control drums on the Deluge and it’s damn near perfect for the job!

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