Deep Melodic House Live Set – 5 tracks 30 mins – Hardware Only

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Trying an even longer form live set this time, performing my five current released tracks.
If you enjoy this kind of performance, please let me know in a comment, and supporting via the links below would be much appreciated.
Thanks for watching!

00:00 Intro
01:30 Unnatural History [Personal Belongings]
09:03 Follow Me [Spring Tube]
14:42 Mechanical Precision [Personal Belongings]
20:26 Worldlines [Personal Belongings]
28:00 Thoughts Like Clouds [Spring Tube]

— Streaming & Download links to releases
Worldlines EP [Personal Belongings] –
Nu Breeds 19 [Spring Tube] –

— Gear used
Synthstrom Deluge, Twisted Electrons Acid8 Mk2 & MegaFM, Waldorf Pulse 2 & Streichfett, MI Shruthi-1, Jomox Mbase11, EMU Proteus 2000, Audiothingies Micromonsta, Midiplus X3 Mini, Faderfox LV2, A&H Xone K2, iPad running AUM, Midiflow & Quantiloop.

— My music
Traxsource –
Beatport –
Spotify –
Soundcloud –

— Connect
Website –
Instagram –
Facebook –

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